Gloze CBD Hemp Ultra Eye Cream


20% Infused Hemp

Our ULTRA EYE Cream with hemp is formulated using premium ingredients to help reduce signs and symptoms of aging and sagging skin under the eye. Gloze ULTRA EYE cream creates a barrier that help reduce skin dryness and lock in moisture. This product helps to boost your skin’s hydration and suppleness, while plumping fine lines and wrinkles. Use daily to help restore glow and radiancy to your face. With the daily use of Gloze ULTRA EYE cream, your face will look and feel exceptional. Use anytime day or night as part of your skincare and keep your face radiantly healthy, hydrated and beautiful.

  • Uses/Benefits
    • Help improves signs of aging
    • Help fight fine lines, lack of firmness and sagging under eye skin
    • Enhance eye radiance