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Level Up Your Health

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Purchase your copy of “A Pharmacist’s Guide to Cannabis” and get access to the latest video in my Terpene Benefits Series: Phellandrene.

cannabis healing
cannabis healing

How to Level Up Your Health using Terpenes:


Did You Know?

Terpenes are the aromatic oils found in all plants that give them their taste and smell. Different strains of cannabis are made up of different terpenes, and it is the combination of those terpenes that create an entourage effect and provide a variety of health benefits.

In your free video, I discuss:

  • What needs to comes to mind when you think of Phellandrene.
  • Exciting Phellandrene properties.
  • How and why to use Phellandrene.
  • How you can Level-Up your well-being using Phellandrene as tool.
cannabis medicine book

A Pharmacist’s Guide to


In “A Pharmacist’s Guide to Cannabis” you will learn:

  • Why the complex and colorful history of cannabis prohibition is jeopardizing its medical potential today.
  • The important differences between various terpenes and their uses.
  • Why the body’s Endocannabinoid System is the RoboCop of the human body.
  • Why medical cannabis may enhance the body’s own natural defenses against disease.
  • What the Entourage Effect is, and why it means there is no real synthetic substitute for cannabis.
  • How to protect children from cannabis-based products.
  • And MORE!

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