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WCI Health products help plant medicine enthusiasts succeed in their wellness journey using the healing power of botanicals like cannabis and psychedelics.

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Sleep Gummies with 10mg CBN & 25mg CBD 30 ct


Intensive Relief Rub with Emu Oil and 1,000mg CBD – Airless Pump! 

cannabis medicine book

A Pharmacist’s Guide to Cannabis

pet conditioning shampoo

Gloze CBD Hemp Pets Conditioning Shampoo

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Gloze CBD Hemp Ultra Eye Cream

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Gloze CBD Hemp AM-PM Moisturizer

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Gloze CBD Hemp Facial Cleanser

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Gloze CBD Hemp Hair Growth Leave In + Anagain

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Gloze Hair Masque

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Gloze CBD Hemp Replenishing Conditioner

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Gloze CBD Hemp Replenishing Shampoo

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Gloze CBD Hemp Relief Roll On Gel